Welcome to RAM Hawaii

Rebuilders Addictions Ministry

(A faith-based addictions program)

Mission Statement

It is our mission to rebuild lives and restore families by helping people establish a Biblical foundation for their lives.


Pastor Kevin Akana of Windward Baptist Church along with August Kaawa started Rebuilders Addictions Ministry (R.A.M.) to help those struggling with addictions — specifically “ice”.

“Several years ago my father got hooked on ice. It rendered him jobless, penniless, and homeless. He needed to get into a Christian based addictions ministry where he could learn about God, and also be living in a controlled environment. Unfortunately, he did not get the help that he needed. On March 8, 2004, I received a call from the Medical examiner saying that my dad was found dead on the side of a street. My father had drugs on him, and in his system. We started Rebuilders Addictions Ministry as a result of what happened to my father. We are determined to help those that are addicted to ice and other abusive substances by providing transitional housing, classes, meetings, job training and counseling for them. This is the kind of program that my father needed. Although it is too late for him, perhaps many other lives can be spared, and souls saved!” Kevin Akana

In January of 2007, R.A.M. started its inpatient program. Today RAM houses over 40 men and provides food, shelter, spiritual support, one on one counseling, group counseling, job training, and case management.


Problems the Addicted Face

People turn to addictions for different reasons. Some desire to fill a void, reduce stress, or experiment while others are peer pressured into addiction. Some were raised around drugs. Others turn to addictions because of physical, sexual, or other kinds of abuse. Whatever the case, once someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they are in bondage.They will be in bondage physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, financially, vocationally, and emotionally. Permanent freedom from this bondage comes through rebuilding their life on a new foundation, Jesus Christ.

When helping people overcome addictions, often only one or two problem areas are treated. However, this is not enough! For example, if someone overcomes the physical addiction but is unable to support themselves, they may be tempted to get involved with activities that can lead right back into the addiction. Or if someone overcomes the physical addiction and becomes financially stable but still has warrants, they may become stressed. The stress they feel could trigger them to turn back to addiction. Those that are addicted need to rebuild their entire life from the inside out.

R.A.M. is committed to helping the addicted in every area of their life!
Spiritually – We teach them how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Mentally – Through our curriculum, we teach them how to apply Biblical principles to daily living.
Personally – We help reestablish them into society, restore family ties, and take care of legal responsibilities
Emotionally/Socially – We provide support groups and one-on-one counseling.
Vocationally – We provide job training and career placement.
Physically – We provide physical training and proper nutrition.