Work Line

One of our main sources of income is from our work line.  The men in RAM work on the work line to help pay for their food, utilities, transportation, toiletries, and other basic needs.  We currently offer services in yard maintenance, labor, tree trimming, construction, auto detailing, auto mechanics/body, house detailing, residential window cleaning, and other special projects.  You can help support RAM by allowing us to work for you!

Construction Yard Maintenance
Construction Yard Work
Do you need any carpentry, labor work, or painting done? Let us help you by hiring our one of our RAM clients to do the job.

Call August Kaawa at (808) 232-5986 for a free estimate.

Our RAM yard crew can completely service your yard by edging, mowing, blowing, hedging, and removing yard waste. There is no job too big or too small for our yard crew. If you need yard work done, just call us and we will view your yard and give you a free estimate.

Call August Kaawa at (808) 232-5986.